Making Great Adventures Easy

GC Caravan For Hire was created with the vision and the desire to be able to Make Great Adventures Easy for Couples, Families, and Groups of Friends.  Whatever those adventures are to be. We are dedicated to offering and maintaining the largest and most modern fleet of Jayco Caravans for Hire in South East Queensland. We aim to offer our services at an affordable price to encourage more people to get away and explore all that South East Queensland, and the rest of Australia has to offer.

Our range of Caravans caters to all needs, from the older couple wanting to get away for a few months starting off their adventures on the big lap, to large families wanting the summer holiday at the beach or bush. Or those who want to try out a few different caravan options before they make the decision on what van they would like to buy.

Keep an eye out on our ever expanding fleet, in our fleet page as we continue to add new vans to the fleet throughout the year.